About UR

UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) is part of the public service broadcasting group in Sweden, with Swedish Radio (SR) and Swedish Television (SVT). UR’s mandate is to produce and broadcast educational and general knowledge programmes which enhance, fill out, and strengthen the work of others active in education.

We are to be useful

We take particular responsibility for those with disabilities and for those among ethnic and language minorities in Sweden. We run the Knowledge Channel in collaboration with SVT and also broadcast on SR and SVT channels. UR is financed by household radio and television licence payments.

The central term describing our strategy is: we are to be useful. That permeates all we do, so that our programmes can be used throughout the educational system – from pre-school level to university level. This means our programmes can live on, long after their initial broadcast. UR has a bank of more than 11,000 programmes which make it easier to be a teacher and more fun to be a student.


En person lyssnar på radio

Foto: Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez

Rapid UR overview

- UR is owned by a foundation which also owns the Swedish Radio and Swedish Television companies.

- UR is financed by radio & TV licence payments, 5,20 % of which go to UR during the permit period 2014-2019.

- UR has about 230 employees.

- UR television programmes are transmitted on the following channels: SVT1, SVT2, Barnkanalen (The Children’s Channel) and Kunskapskanalen (The Knowledge Channel); our radio programmes on P1, P2, P3 and P4.

Contact UR

Address: Oxenstiernsgatan 34 in Stockholm.

Postal address: Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB, SE-105 10 Stockholm, Sweden

UR’s switchboard: +46 8 784 40 00

Customer service: from within Sweden 020 58 58 58 or from abroad + 46 8 784 42 40

E-mail: kundtjanst@ur.se


Två personer spelar in radio på UR

Radio recordings at UR