UR, Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, is a part of the public service broadcasting group in Sweden, together with Swedish Radio (SR) and Swedish Television (SVT).

UR is a digital channel for knowledge and learning that broadcasts its programs on SVT and SR’s channels. UR’s mission as an individual public service company is to contribute to knowledge and education as well as to broaden, strengthen and supplement the educational efforts of others. By starting from important societal challenges and combining journalism and pedagogy, UR creates programs that arouse interest, emotions and understanding – so that our users can look at themselves and the world with greater knowledge.

From January 1, 2019, UR is financed by a public service fee which is income based and collected as a tax

For the many and for the few

We take particular responsibility for those with disabilities and for those among ethnic and language minorities in Sweden. The central term describing our strategy is: we are to be useful. That permeates all we do, so that our programmes can be used throughout the educational system – from pre-school level to university level. This means our programmes can live on, long after their initial broadcast. UR has a bank of more than 11,000 programmes which make it easier to be a teacher and more fun to be a student.

We want to give you power over knowledge

Regardless of whether you want to learn something new or need to supplement the knowledge you already have, UR’s wide range of knowledge programs are freely available to watch and listen to – when you want, how you want. UR exists for you and for those you care about. We have a special focus on children and young people and give you as a teacher or parent the tools to explain, clarify and deepen so that more people can pass school.

We make programs that no one else does

Using the power of media, we transform facts into learning experiences that engage, touch and make the complex understandable. By combining journalism with pedagogy, we strengthen and support both in education and in societal challenges where independent and reliable knowledge is needed. UR’s program always fills a need – sometimes for many, sometimes for a few. We believe in everyone’s opportunity to work and influence society based on their own circumstances. Your knowledge – your freedom.

Our vision

Knowledge for life

Our programmes, products and channels

On our streaming service UR Play, you can stream our programs whenever you want on the web, in the app or on Apple TV. We broadcast our programs on Swedish Television’s channels, Swedish Radio’s and Kunskapskanalen. We also have the language-enhancing app Tripp, Trapp Träd for preschoolers.

You can both watch and listen

We produce both television and radio programs for all target groups within the education system, children, parents, the elderly, national minority groups and people seeking education and more knowledge in life.

  • We broadcast our TV programs on SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, SVT Barn and Kunskapskanalen.
  • We broadcast our radio programs in P1, P2, P3 and P4.

UR Play

UR Play features documentaries, factual and educational programs that are both educational and entertaining. On UR Play, you can stream programs for a long time – usually several years. Find your favorites and stream when and where you want!

Tic, Tac, Tree

Tic, Tac, Tree is a digital tool for preschools that is based on the curriculum, with the aim of promoting children’s engagement and desire to learn. The programs and the app are developed in collaboration with researchers in preschool pedagogy, working educators and preschool children.


Oxenstiernsgatan 34 in Stockholm

Postal address
Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB,
SE-105 10 Stockholm, Sweden

UR’s switchboard
+46 8 784 40 00

Customer service
From within Sweden 020 58 58 58
From abroad + 46 8 784 42 40



  • UR is owned by a foundation which also owns the Swedish Radio and Swedish Television companies.
  • From January 1st 2019 UR is financed by a public service fee which is income based and collected as a tax.
  • UR has about 230 employees.
  • We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
  • Our programs are factual, unbiased and contain no advertising.
  • We run Kunskapskanalen in collaboration with SVT and also broadcast on SR and SVT channels.

UR Play

Find your favorites and stream when and where you want!

Download the Tic, Tac, Tree – app

Explore, create and interact with Tic, Tac and Tree in their playful world!